Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Childbirth Education

If you don't already know, childbirth education is a very important tool in having a safe, and satisfying birth experience. Here are some links on the importance of a childbirth education class:


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I probably won't be the first to tell you that a hospital class is not good enough. Typically you are taught about that hospitals procedure and routine for a laboring woman. They do not go into detail about the stages of labor or comfort measures for each stage. They may not tell you all the risks or benefits associated with tests and procedures. I took the hospital class for my first birth. We watched videos of births where the women were completely draped, every vaginal birth was flat on mom's back and included an episiotomy. They taught us how to be good, compliant patients. There was no support for a normal, unmedicated birth. So, choose wisely, which class is right for you. Even if you plan on having an epidural as your main comfort measure, it is still important to learn about the stages of labor, and alternative comfort measures, just in case you don't have time, or if your epidural doesn't work the way you were expecting it too. And for many, many, other reasons!

I will begin teaching Baby Steps childbirth classes in Rome, Georgia in January. I will be teaching out of the Spencer Family Chiropractic office located at 503 W. 10th Street. For more details on classes see my Childbirth Education page, or visit www.babystepsonline.net