Thursday, November 10, 2011

Belly Mapping...

Hello Atlanta!!! To the left of this post you may see an event widget announcing Belly Mapping at See Baby in Atlanta. This event is FREE to expectant couples, there is a cost for us birth professionals. All of the proceeds will be donated to the Atlanta Birth Center.

If you are not aware of Belly Mapping, you should head over to Spinning Babies and take a quick look (or look all day!) If you choose to join us on Monday night, you will get some great hands on help in understanding and applying this technique. It is more important than you would imagine to help your baby line up for birth, and we will show you how to check your baby's position.

As an added bonus, we are being hosted by See Baby, and they will be providing *free* ultrasound confirmation of your baby's position ~if you are interested~. Yep, a free event, with free ultrasounds, in a very spa-like atmosphere!! So, I hope you will come out!!

If you are planning to attend send a quick email to

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